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You started your own business, perhaps for potential gains, financial independence or to make your dreams come true.

Once past the business plan and excitement of setting up the business, the true test begins to see if the activity is sustaining.

There are challenges involving the overlap between the personal and business components of the owner’s finances.

An astounding number of small businesses will not survive the first six years; and a large number of liquidations occur not as a result the inability to compete in the market, but rather as the consequence of poor contingency planning.

Along the way, there is the possibility for one of the following scenarios:
1) You will retire from the business at normal retirement age;
2) You will want to get out early and pursue something else;
3) You may become disabled or
4) You may die prematurely and your heirs will be forced to liquidate.

USAFrance Financials® will build exit strategies for these eventualities through our business continuation and business estate planning, as well as help you with the following key areas:

Group Benefits

Retirement Packages

Executive Benefits

Key-Person Insurance

Business Overhead

Buy-and-Sell Agreement