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Regulators are vigilant about your responsibilities as a fiduciary with oversight of your employees’ retirement savings. Annual fee disclosure regulations require that you actively determine whether the fees your employees pay for investments and plan services are reasonable. Do you have a compliance process in place, not only to protect your employees, but also to protect yourself?

We can help ensure your compliance with fee regulations and help you control plan costs. Our fee-monitoring services can also can lead to lower fees for your employees.

Our services include:

Cost Containment

We will negotiate the best strategies for your individual needs and your company's projected growth: fixed pricing may be preferable in the long term to avoid fee increases that may come with variable pricing strategies.

Service Fee Monitoring

We will help keep you compliant with all regulations by reviewing provider fees and providing formal price quotations from comparable service providers.


Review classes to determine appropriate-fit and lowest cost. Our objective would be to make plan expenses fully disclosed and transparent. We prefer to operate in an environment with institutional or lowest cost share class and open architecture.

Time to Schedule a Review or Spend Some Time Examining Your Finances?

Time to Schedule a Review or Spend Some Time Examining Your Finances?

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